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The attorneys at the Law Offices of Georgette Miller & Associates, P.C. are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients. We have opened 5 offices in order to meet our clients face-to-face whenever possible, believing that personal interactions facilitate the best possible results.

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In Atlantic City, NJ, clients in need of legal services relating to bankruptcy, loan modification, and real estate transactions can find dedicated and experienced attorneys at the Law Offices of Georgette Miller & Associates, P.C. Our Atlantic City office is situated in a central location in order to make it convenient for clients to meet with our attorneys in a face-to-face consultation. We believe that it is important for an in-person meeting whenever possible in order to learn about all of our clients’ specific legal needs. Our attorneys have dedicated themselves to representing clients in New Jersey with honesty and integrity. By focusing our practice on debt reduction and real estate law, our attorneys are able to develop critical skills in order to represent our clients to the best extent possible.

Loan Modifications Attorney Atlantic City, New Jersey

When you are facing aggressive creditors who are threatening to levy against your bank account, garnish your wages or place a lien on your home, an experienced bankruptcy attorney can evaluate your situation and advise you regarding the most effective debt relief solution. Atlantic City, New Jersey Bankruptcy Attorney Georgette Miller combines her expertise and experience in real estate law, bankruptcy and loan modification solutions to develop effective solutions for consumer looking to protect their home and reclaim their financial security.

Why Is GMLAW the Right Answer for Atlantic City, N.J.

When clients are facing foreclosure or they need legal guidance through a complex real estate transaction, they want the expertise and experience of a top law firm without being relegated to dealing with junior associates and staff. At the Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, P.C. , your legal matter will receive the attention and expertise of our founding attorney who has practiced law at some of the most prominent regional and international law firms.

Whether Ms. Miller is providing legal advice to a debtor or homeowner, seeking a loan modification, or tenaciously litigating a commercial lease dispute, she provides sound legal counsel and persuasive advocacy for her clients. Our law firm represents the full spectrum of clients, including large multi-national corporations, closely held businesses and individuals. Our attorneys are committed to the highest standards of legal ethics and professionalism. This dedication to providing exemplary legal services includes providing a high level of communication with our clients, so they can make informed decisions. Our law firm has a policy of returning calls and email the same day or by the next business day.

Atlantic City Bankruptcy Lawyers

Whether you are an individual debtor overwhelmed with credit card debt and hospital bills or a homeowner facing foreclosure, our Atlantic City Bankruptcy Lawyers can evaluate your assets, debts, income and expenses to determine the best possible debt solution to fit your individual situation. If you have staggering amounts of unsecured obligations, we might file Chapter 7 Bankruptcy to discharge your unsecured debts and trigger the automatic stay to stop most debt enforcement procedures.

If you cannot qualify for Chapter 7 under the means test or Chapter 13 Bankruptcy provides a better option under your circumstances, we can help you craft a feasible repayment plan. We often represent people who have too much equity in their home or excessive value in assets that cannot be protected by a bankruptcy exemption. For debtors with non-dischargeable debts like massive child support arrears or unpaid tax obligations, we might use a Chapter 13 to stretch out your repayment, so you can avoid compromising your standard of living.

Corporate Bankruptcy in Atlantic City, New Jersey

Our Fairmount HeightsMaryland business bankruptcy attorneys have the knowledge and experience to guide you through the bankruptcy process if it provides the best solution for your business. While Chapter 11 bankruptcy might be the right option, we will also explore alternatives to bankruptcy. We conduct a careful evaluation of your business to determine the best approach. This thorough evaluation includes:

• Debt load being sustained
• Tax implications
• Extent of cash flow
• Nature of business assets
• Prospects and goals for your business

Our Atlantic City, New Jersey corporate bankruptcy lawyers will outline your options and discuss the long-term consequences of your decisions. We gather and analyze all of the pertinent financial information to develop a true debt solution, so your business can maintain financial viability and thrive when it emerges from bankruptcy protection.

Loan Modification in Atlantic City, New Jersey

When homeowners are seriously behind on their mortgage, bankruptcy or a loan modification might provide an effective foreclosure relief solution. A loan modification involves a reduction in your mortgage payment. Lenders might agree to such a modification to avoid the cost and hassle of pursuing foreclosure. Our Atlantic City, New Jersey loan modification attorneys can advise you regarding whether you qualify for a loan modification and negotiate with the bank so you obtain the best terms.

Atlantic City, New Jersey Real Estate Attorneys

Our Atlanic City, Real Estate Attorneys represent clients in a broad spectrum of real estate transaction and litigation matters. We explain loan agreements, financial documents, security agreements and other documents in clear straightforward language. Some of the real estate matters that we handle include purchase and sale contracts, closing, foreclosures, leases (commercial and residential), negotiation of real estate deals, drafting of contracts and more.

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If you need an experienced Atlantic City, New Jersey attorney who is committed to providing the highest quality legal services to handle your real estate problem, bankruptcy, loan modification, we invite you to contact us at 866-96-GMLAW. We represent businesses, public entities and individuals throughout Atlantic County and the surrounding area.