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Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

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Is It Time To Consider Bankruptcy?

It’s always a chore to ask someone for money, even if you plan on paying it back. However, things happen in life that you can’t control. For instance, maybe you lose your job, or business slows down, or you have to cut hours in order to stay at home to care for your newborn. Whatever the reason may be, life can quickly go downhill, leaving you unable to pay your bills, or your friend back.

Hiring The Law Offices of Georgette Miller and Associates, PC, is a solution when struggling with debt. The law firm has experience handling all facets of bankruptcy law. But, when do you actually begin to consider filing for bankruptcy? Here are some signs that may help you:

Wallet Gets Thinner, Holes in Pocket Become Bigger

If you keep paying your bills, but the balances are still too high, you may want to consider filing for bankruptcy. Legal advice is needed if you find that you are having trouble even making the minimal payments.

Taking Money from Retirement Fund

Many individuals who are facing debt turn to their retirement funds. Before pulling money from a retirement fund, consider consulting with a bankruptcy attorney. You may need that money when you are older, and taking from the fun early, would only be stealing from your older self.

Not Filing for Bankruptcy Will Harm Others

Research has shown that one way that leads to debt is having a child or family member you have to take care of. It is difficult to meet your own financial needs, while meeting the needs of others.

There is Help

If you think you are experiencing any of these issues, please consider speaking with Georgette Miller, bankruptcy attorney. Bankruptcy may be your last resort, but by consulting with a bankruptcy attorney, you will be able to understand your options better.