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Overlea, Maryland Bankruptcy Attorneys

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Overlea, Maryland

Financial stability should be one of your ultimate life goals, even if you have to go through rough times to get there. It is always possible to come out on top when being faced with severe debt if you make the right choices. Our knowledgeable attorneys can evaluate the details of your financial situation and figure out the best way to handle aggressive creditors that are ready to take action.

We can help in many ways including:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Forgiveness
  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • Stop Judgements
  • Stop Liens
  • Stop Repossessions
  • Stop Harassing Calls from Creditors
  • Reduce Unhealthy Stress
  • Ability to catch up on late mortgage or vehicle payments
  • Get a Fresh Financial Start

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Overlea, Maryland

Filing bankruptcy is not the solution for an isolated situation that you have fallen behind on a payment. Our lawyers recommend filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy if your expenses have become larger than your income because you currently owe multiple lenders. There is a chance to basically start over fresh with your finances at the sacrifice of non-exempt assets to put a stop to harassing phone calls and other collection attempts.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Overlea, Maryland

A repayment plan is a more agreeable solution to prevent losing important assets that you cannot survive without. By filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy, the debtor has the advantage of not having to leave their home or give up the vehicle they use to get to work. It is suitable for people that have the means to maintain a repayment plan over a longer period of time than the original agreements.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving Overlea, Maryland

Circumstances can arise that take control of your finances and make it difficult to accommodate your regular bills. Perhaps you needed immediate vehicle repairs and no longer have the ability to make a mortgage payment on time, or your boss permanently reduced your hours. Every story is different, but it is no reason to accept losing your home to foreclosure with the possibility of a loan modification. If you qualify, our attorneys can negotiate easier terms with the lender so that you can stay on track with payments.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Overlea, Maryland

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Overlea, MarylandTransactions and litigation in regards to real estate covers a range of scenarios that require the expertise of an attorney. Whether you need to draw up a new lease agreement, have the terms of an existing contract explained before you sign, or negotiating a deal with another party, you should never try to handle the situation alone. We are always available to make sure that you do not get into a situation that you do not understand or agree with.

We encourage you to schedule your appointment with the method that is most convenient for you so that our bankruptcy attorneys can begin assessing your finances.