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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

If you’re already falling behind on bills, wage garnishment or a bank account levy is going to make matters worse. Our bankruptcy attorneys can put a stop to creditors ready to take action if you have the situation evaluated before it’s too late.

You may need to have a current loan modified or use Chapter 7 bankruptcy as a solution to get back on the right track financially.

We can help in many ways including:

  • Chapter 7 Bankruptcy
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy
  • Debt Forgiveness
  • Stop Wage Garnishments
  • Stop Judgements
  • Stop Liens
  • Stop Repossessions
  • Stop Harassing Calls from Creditors
  • Reduce Unhealthy Stress
  • Ability to catch up on late mortgage or vehicle payments
  • Get a Fresh Financial Start

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

A sudden job loss, divorce, or medical emergency could put you into a serious financial crisis in an instant. If you can’t continue making payments on loans, credit cards, or other accounts with a current balance, filing bankruptcy might be the best solution.

Our experienced attorneys will evaluate the details of your case and figure out the best way to retain important assets and ensure that your finances get back on track.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

Not all debts are eligible for discharge in Chapter 7, so it would make more sense to file a Chapter 13 petition if you can only afford to make smaller payments.

There might also be large assets that you want to retain rather than forfeit in exchange for a fresh start. Our lawyers are going to advise on the best repayment plan based on your income and also assist with filing the petition.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

Maintaining payments throughout a long-term home loan might prove more difficult that you anticipated. Financial circumstances could change drastically with something as common as divorce of the loss of a steady job.

A proper loan modification involves negotiating with the lender to get a new rate that is easily affordable. The support and guidance of an experienced lawyer is going to help you reach terms that are beneficial throughout the remainder of the agreement.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Granite, Maryland

The vast knowledge of a real estate attorney is going to help you through every step of buying or selling property. Our lawyers will handle drafting contracts, explaining the terms simply, witnessing the signature collection, and resolving disagreements if they come up. You need to feel confident that your rights are protected in any transaction so that you’re never at a disadvantage.

We understand that even the most responsible adults can go through tough times in life that are best resolved with professional guidance. Get more information about the ways that our bankruptcy attorneys can help you by visiting our contact page.