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New York Bankruptcy Attorneys

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We are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients. We have opened 5 offices in order to meet our clients face-to-face whenever possible, believing that personal interactions facilitate the best possible results.

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We provide legal services to New York residents in the areas of Queens County and Brooklyn County, New York. When Georgette Miller founded the firm, she made the decision to provide legal assistance to those in need of help with honesty and integrity.

The environment fostered in each of the five offices that are part of the law firm is one of teamwork in order to achieve the best possible results for the clients. The legal services offered in the New York office relate to bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification.

The New York office is located in a central Queens County neighborhood, in close proximity to Interstates 495, 295, and 678. Our attorneys believe that it is very important to meet our clients in person in order to be able to understand their actual legal needs, so we have made it as easy as possible for our clients to get to us.

We have developed a preeminent bankruptcy practice that is recognized as one of the best in the country in order to assist individuals and businesses in developing a strong financial foundation to begin a fresh start. We also are experienced in negotiating modifications in mortgage loans for those homeowners who are unable to make payments due to financial hardship and unfair loan terms.

New York Bankruptcy Attorneys

Changes to the Bankruptcy Code that were enacted eight years ago created a lot more requirements for individuals and businesses to file for bankruptcy and made the entire process far more complex. Although these amendments were supposed to prevent abuse, the reality is that they made it more difficult for people to obtain the relief that they need.

Our knowledgeable New York bankruptcy attorneys help our clients understand the process and prepare all the necessary forms in order to pursue a successful bankruptcy action. The first thing that we do is evaluate whether there are other options other than bankruptcy. Often, a client has overlooked viable alternatives that would avoid the challenges of a lengthy bankruptcy case. When the determination is made to move forward with the bankruptcy, our attorneys will ensure that our client understands what needs to be done to successfully discharge debt and get a clean slate.

New York Mortgage Loan Modification

For many homeowners, the excitement of purchasing a home has morphed into a nightmare where the value of the property is significantly less that the principal balance remaining on the mortgage loan and the interest rates have made the payments more than the owners can manage. Frequently, these homeowners have foregone paying other bills in order to make exorbitant mortgage payments, leading to a decrease in credit rating and difficulty in getting relief from the lender.

Our skilled loan modification attorneys understand how to negotiate with lenders in order to reduce payments to a level that can be managed for many struggling homeowners. Our New York office provides legal services for residents in Queens and Brooklyn Counties in New York. Our New York Metro area office provides legal assistance in bankruptcy and mortgage loan modification cases. We provide individualized attention to each of our clients.

Please call us at 1-866-964-6529 in order to discuss your legal needs.