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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Bella Vista, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Bella Vista, Philadelphia

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill
Overcoming significant financial problems is one of the toughest things to accomplish in life. Our experienced team of litigators is here to help you with the complex procedure of bankruptcy if it is the right debt relief solution. It’s our privilege to help you make a positive change to get back on the right track with your finances.

Dealing with severe debt is a depressing time in life, especially if you feel like you cannot seem to catch up on your active accounts no matter how hard you work. When it gets to a point that you could possibly lose your vehicle, house, and other expensive assets then you need our help. In Chapter 7 bankruptcy, you may forced to give up any of these assets that are not eligible for exemption as an exchange of relieving the responsibility to repay multiple debt accounts. If our attorneys feel confident that you’ll be able to keep up with an extended repayment plan, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is probably a better option for your lifestyle.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Bella Vista, Philadelphia

The first few years owning a business is the greatest risk of falling into insurmountable debt when adapting to the industry. A reorganization plan under Chapter 11 bankruptcy proceedings is the last chance to recover while being protected from aggressive creditors that could disrupt daily operations. If there is no reason to believe that the company could recover from debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy declaration will eliminate the burden of owing money. This is also done if the reorganization fails so that investors and lenders are reimbursed to some extent based on the value of liquidated assets.

Loan Modification Attorney Serving Bella Vista, Philadelphia

Reaching a fair mortgage loan agreement is no guarantee that circumstances will not change somewhere in the future. If you’ve lost your job, ended a marriage, or the mortgage rates increased too high for you to keep up with, loan modification can help you out of a bind. One of our specialists will negotiate a new contract with the original lender so that you’ll be able to retain your home and get back into good standings with reasonable monthly payments.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Bella Vista, PhiladelphiaReal Estate Lawyers Serving Bella Vista, Philadelphia

If you plan to buy or sell any piece of real estate, it’s advisable to have a personal lawyer present while going over the contract terms. Signing a complex contract that you do not fully understand is too much risk that you’re agreeing to something unsatisfactory. We handle all types of real estate transactions, including litigation and creating written contracts whenever there is a need.