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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chinatown, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chinatown, Philadelphia

People faced with wage garnishment, repossession, foreclosure, or a bank aBankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chinatownccount levy need to look toward debt relief solutions provided by our team of attorneys. Rather than avoid collection calls or deal with losing valuable assets, there are much better options available for retaining financial stability. You can trust that no matter what your current circumstances are, we’re here to provide legal services and advice to those needing it most.

Individuals that have fallen behind because of job loss, major medical expenses, divorce, or other unfortunate circumstances have multiple options for relieving the overwhelming burden. Chapter 7 bankruptcy is the most popular option that may require giving up any non-exempt assets for liquidation. The collectors are given a share in exchange for forgiving the debts, which is typically the best solution for settling multiple financial obligations. Chapter 13 bankruptcy could be a more suitable resolution if you want to retain assets that are non-exempt by agreeing to a repayment plan. Our experienced bankruptcy lawyers will collect and evaluate all of your income and debt information to help you reach a personalized solution.

Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chinatown, Philadelphia

The situation facing businesses that fall into debt is to either reorganize or close the doors permanently. Chapter 11 is basically a last chance to completely reorganize under the guidance of a court trustee that must approve any decisions. Daily operations are able to continue while the company is protected against the actions of creditors. If restructuring is unlikely to be enough for recovery, Chapter 7 is declared to repay debts by liquidating any assets for distribution among investors and creditors.

Loan Modification Lawyers Serving Chinatown, Philadelphia

Falling behind on mortgage payments does not always have to result in losing it in foreclosure. Lenders typically want to help borrowers simply because the foreclosure process is complicated and involves a loss of time and money. Working with a mortgage lender on more suitable terms is possible with the help of a lawyer specializing in modifications.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Chinatown, Philadelphia

Transactions that involve any sort of real estate will involve complicated contracts and documents that are difficult to understand. Before you sign on any dotted line or try to negotiate a deal, let us make sure that you understand the required terms. If you need a contract drafted, it is one of our many areas of real estate expertise that we offer to clients.

Don’t let things get out of hand by not getting the help that you need to overcome financial hardships. Reach out to our attorneys by filling out the contact form or giving us a call to schedule an appointment.