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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

Going through financial trouble and facing the possibility of bankruptcy or home foreclosure is extremely stressful without the help of a lawyer. We provide debt relief solutions based on your individual circumstances to make it easier to move forward taking care of business. Every case is unique, but we hope to assist you in retaining your assets or getting out of liability with the lenders harassing you with collection attempts.

Anyone that has multiple active financing accounts is probably depending on the stability of their financial situation to stay ahead. One misstep can cause you to lose track of everything and end up risking the valuable assets you’ve worked so hard to pay off. Most people that have the means to comply with a consolidated repayment plan under Chapter 13 bankruptcy law would prefer to take this option and retain assets. If you’re in severe debt and do not see a way of consolidating a reasonable payment, Chapter 7 bankruptcy may force you to sacrifice any non-exempt valuables to move into the liquidation process. The money is divided among lenders to satisfy debts so that you’ll have the opportunity to start fresh.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

It’s a common misunderstanding that when a business files for bankruptcy, it does not mean that it is actually closing down permanently. Chapter 11 allows the company to reorganize a business strategy to hopefully overcome debt by bringing in increased profit. In the event that this fails or the court does not believe it is worth the effort, a Chapter 7 filing would put a close to the business so that assets can move into liquidation. Work with our lawyers to figure out if you have the option of potentially keeping the company you worked hard to establish.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

Considering the amount of years a person agrees to pay a mortgage loan, it’s understandable that finances will go through fluctuations. If you lose your job or have hours cut, it might become difficult to meet the minimum without requesting a loan modification. It never hurts to hire an attorney to negotiate with the lender because they would actually lose money if they decide to foreclose on your property.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving East Passyunk, PhiladelphiaReal Estate Lawyers Serving East Passyunk, Philadelphia

Drafting contracts, closing a home purchase, and negotiating a lease agreement are just a few specialties of our real estate lawyers. We’re happy to explain complex documentation so that any transactions you engage in are easy to understand.

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