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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Germantown, Philadelphia

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Facing foreclosure or bankruptcy are situations that no one wants to go through, but we’re here to help. By providing counsel and debt relief solutions, it is much easier to figure out exactly what is necessary to regain financial stability. It might be possible to retain valuable assets while protecting yourself against the actions of aggressive lenders.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving GermantownBankruptcy Attorneys Serving Germantown, Philadelphia

It is easy to fall behind trying to pay multiple accounts, especially when financial situations make a change for the worst. One way to completely relieve those responsibilities in exchange for giving up assets for liquidation is Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Individuals that do not qualify for this solution, or choose to avoid forfeiting non-exempt assets, have the alternative of Chapter 13 bankruptcy instead. It is required that once the courts decide on a consolidated repayment plan that you fulfill the responsibility. Our bankruptcy lawyers will help you decide which solution is the best for your situation after evaluating all income and assets against the household expenses and valid debts.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Germantown, Philadelphia

The process of filing bankruptcy for a business does not always require closing down for good. If the company simply needs protection against aggressive creditors as they reorganize, Chapter 11 bankruptcy is the right solution to stay in business. When the reorganization fails or the court decides that circumstances are too dire to even try, Chapter 7 is filed to resolve the remaining debts to creditors and investors. Let our lawyers evaluate all of the options while considering company finances to help you decide on a solution.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving Germantown, Philadelphia

A mortgage loan is a fairly long-term agreement that can become difficult to maintain as circumstances in life change. Lenders are usually willing to work with a borrower that agrees to keep making payments rather than lose money foreclosing. Officially modifying the loan with the help of our lawyers will reduce monthly payments so that you’re able to avoid losing your home.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving GermantownReal Estate Attorneys Serving Germantown, Philadelphia

The full spectrum of working with our real estate lawyers includes negotiating deals, contract drafting, closing, making purchases, and many other scenarios. If you’re involved in any sort of transaction, we gladly explain agreements and documents in a language that is easy to understand. We also represent clients that are involved in any sort of litigation to ensure that they have the advantage of our experience on their side.

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