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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Spring Garden, Philadelphia

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Overwhelming amounts of debt causes lenders to become aggressive with attempts to collect past due amounts. Our litigators will help you discover the best way to get them to stop calling, either by re-negotiating the original loan or filing for bankruptcy. We are committed to providing smart solutions and counsel after thoroughly evaluating all financial information of each valuable client.

Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Spring GardenBankruptcy Attorneys Serving Spring Garden, Philadelphia

The worst thing that an individual facing multiple past due accounts can do is simply avoid the collection attempts. Our attorneys specialize in evaluating income, debt amounts, and assets to figure out which bankruptcy solution is going to be the easiest to live with. Under Chapter 7 bankruptcy law, you’ll be required to forfeit all assets that are ineligible for an exemption so that all accounts will be forgiven. If you currently have assets you are unwilling to give up, or you do not qualify for other reasons, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is the alternative solution. All debts are worked into a repayment plan that you’ll become responsible for maintaining according to the agreement.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Spring Garden, Philadelphia

Not every good business idea translates into a successful venture once put into the real world. If debt has accumulated simply because of poor execution, it might be possible to file Chapter 11 bankruptcy for protection against creditors while under the process of a reorganization. When circumstances suggest that recovery is not a likely result, closing down production and filing Chapter 7 is the only remaining solution. Our attorneys work hard to look at all of the circumstances to help you make the best decisions about your struggling business.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Spring GardenLoan Modification Attorneys Serving Spring Garden, Philadelphia

Unforeseeable events that happen in life usually hurt the most when it comes to personal finances. If you have reduced hours at work, lost your job, or had a major medical expense, it’s a good idea to consult with our lawyers to work on modifying the terms of your mortgage before your home reaches the point of foreclosure. It’s much easier to negotiate with the lender if you have an experienced attorney on your side providing representation.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Spring Garden, Philadelphia

Negotiating a real estate purchase can become complicated without the help of an experienced attorney handling the small details. Our lawyers handle transactions, litigation, and drafting contracts among many other aspects of real estate law. We are also able to read over any documents and agreements to provide an explanation that is easier to understand that trying to decipher legal terms.

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