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Preparing For Your First Bankruptcy Consultation

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Preparing For Your First Bankruptcy Consultation

If you have been thinking about filing for bankruptcy it is important that you meet with an attorney to discuss your options. After you have scheduled an appointment for an initial bankruptcy consultation you must then prepare for the appointment by gathering several documents before the initial meeting. Gathering all the necessary forms will assist the attorney in fully evaluating your case. The following list includes what papers should be brought with you to your initial appointment.

The law requires that you provide proof that you are who you say you are. So it is important that you bring with you to the initial visit an official photo ID. This includes a driver’s license or passport, and your social security card to verify your social security number.

Proof of your average monthly gross income is also necessary to bring with you. This includes all sources of income for the last 6 months beginning with the first month before you filed for bankruptcy. This consist of all pay stubs or other records of income for the past seven months including records of tips, commission, bonuses, child support, alimony, rental income, unemployment income, social security payments, retirement and or pension income, and income from any other sources.

Monthly statements from your bank or other financial institutions is also required for the last two months. Copies of your last two years income tax return along with household expense forms is also a part of your list. Household expenses include copies of your mortgage or rent bill, utility services, telephone and cable service, any home maintenance receipts, medical and dental bills to name a few. It is also important to bring all of your credit cards bills, personal loans, and auto loan bills to your appointment. Start to gather all of your information as soon as possible to avoid any delays or missed information as your appointment day arrives.