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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Callowhill, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Callowhill, Philadelphia

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill

An experienced attorney is the one person you can turn to if you are an individual or business owner that is faced with the possibility of filing bankruptcy. We want to make a positive difference in your situation to enable you to regain financial stability through debt relief solution. Each of our experienced and knowledgeable attorneys also specialize in bankruptcy law, negotiation loan modifications, and resolving disputes related to any real estate transaction.

An individual that has fallen into personal debt has the option of filing Chapter 7 bankruptcy to relieve the responsibility to repay. It comes at the cost of forfeiting valuable assets that will be sold off and then divided among multiple lenders. If you are in a situation that you’d rather retain some assets, Chapter 13 bankruptcy is a chance to consolidate into a more reasonable amount due each month. Our attorney will help you decide if you can afford a repayment plan or if it’s best to start over fresh.

Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Callowhill, Philadelphia

A financial deficit in the business world is bad news for the owner and any investors with a stake in the company. Filing Chapter 11 is the one opportunity to recover finances before being forced to give up and go out of business permanently. Unfortunately, a business that is beyond a point of recovery has to file Chapter 7 to liquidate assets to reimburse any investors and creditors. The job of a corporate attorney is to evaluate the financial information and decide if increased cash flow would be sufficient in settling the amount of sustained debt.

Loan Modification Lawyers Serving Callowhill, Philadelphia

Original home loan rates might not work out long-term if there are changes in the interest amount or your personal income has decreased. Our lawyers can help by looking at the current loan contract to begin negotiating a modification with the lender so that you have a chance to avoid foreclosure.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Callowhill, PhiladelphiaReal Estate Lawyers Serving Callowhill, Philadelphia

Anytime you decide to purchase, rent, sell, or lease a piece of property, adequate documentation has to be presented and agreed on by both parties in the transaction. Real estate lawyers specialize in drafting these contracts and also deciphering any documentation you may be presented with. If there is ever a dispute, we will help you reach a fair settlement by handling the entire litigation process.

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