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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill

It’s tough enough to handle financial problems without even factoring the complication of filing for bankruptcy. We have a team of experienced litigators that understand all of the laws to make it easier to figure out which debt relief solution is going to be the most beneficial for you. Working with us provides the best chance to get through any problems standing in the way of getting back on your feet.

An individual dealing with debt so severe that they cannot seem to get caught up can turn to bankruptcy as possible solutions to resolve their accounts. You may not have to lose your home, vehicles, and other assets if you decide to file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Bankruptcy may be the best way to put a stop to collection actions and avoid the responsibility of continuing payments. If there are valuable assets that would be considered ineligible for liquidation exemption, filing Chapter 13 bankruptcy requires a suitable repayment plan. Our attorneys will evaluate your circumstances to determine new arrangement based on your income. Give us a call today!

Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill, Philadelphia

When a company is falling into severe debt, it is necessary to take action to get back onto the right track. If there is a good chance of recovery, a reorganization plan is established while the company is protected from the creditors that may otherwise attempt to disrupt operations. The court may decide that the only solution is to file Chapter 7 to permanently close the doors and liquidate assets to repay debts. Our attorneys are able to evaluate business assets, regular cash flow, and the sustained debt to decide your best option.

Loan Modification Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill

The terms of a mortgage loan may be perfect in the beginning, but a few years down the line things might change. Imagine being faced with losing your home because you lost your job or you’re going through an expensive divorce. A lawyer that specializes in modifying loan terms will help you negotiate with the original lender to reach a more suitable monthly payment so that you’ll be able to get back on your feet financially.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Chestnut HillReal Estate Lawyers Serving Chestnut Hill

Home buyers or renters are encouraged to have a lawyer present during any term negotiations, even if it seems straightforward. Not only do you need to have an experienced eye keeping track of the financial aspect, the terms in contracts and other binding agreements can be difficult to understand. We represent all types of clients involved in real estate transactions to help with the broad spectrum of scenarios, including litigation.

You can recover from financial hardships and get help filing bankruptcy by filling out our contact form.