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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

Lenders tend to become aggressive when it comes to collecting money from debtors that have failed to fulfill their part of an agreement. Rather than avoid answering your phone, it’s smarter to work with bankruptcy litigators that can advise you on either filing for bankruptcy or modifying the original loan. It’s in your best interest to allow us to evaluate your financial information so that we can use our expertise to reach the best debt solution.

When you’ve fallen behind on multiple accounts and you risk losing assets and wage garnishment, we want to find the best way to help you get back on your feet. Our attorneys recommend Chapter 7 bankruptcy if you can live with forfeiting non-exempt assets to have any negative accounts closed off. If you do not find this solution agreeable, the other option is to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy where you’ll be responsible for paying a consolidated rate until the debt is resolved. The repayment plan must stay current or else you do risk losing your assets for failure to comply with the new terms.

Corporate Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

Unless a business is established and highly profitable, there is always a chance of eventually drowning in unpaid debt. If you have a successful idea that was poorly executed from the beginning, it might be possible to negotiate a reorganization while basically having temporary freedom from collectors. Unfortunately, not all businesses qualify or they fail to recover despite their best efforts to become profitable again. We evaluate all circumstances of your business to determine how you should move forward with debt relief.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

A divorce or job loss are fairly normal things that can happen in a person’s life that have a tremendous effect on personal finances. Defaulting on a mortgage loan is never a smart option if you’re falling behind because you can risk losing your home in a foreclosure. Most lenders are happy to negotiate a new agreement so that you can keep making monthly payments at a lower rate. Hire an experienced attorney to make sure that the terms are fair and suitable for your current lifestyle.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Fairmount, PhiladelphiaReal Estate Lawyers Serving Fairmount, Philadelphia

The details of a real estate purchase or sale are pretty complicated without specific industry knowledge. Always have a lawyer present when there is a contract to sign so that the transaction is mutually beneficial to both parties.

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