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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Old City, Philadelphia

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Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Old City, Philadelphia

Individual clients and corporations that are forced to declare bankruptcy because they are unable to regain financial stability need the guidance of an experienced attorney. We find it a privilege to make a difference in the lives of those dealing with hardships by offering advice on suitable debt relief solutions. Our attorneys offer a wide range of specialties that include resolving real estate disputes, re-negotiating loan terms, and finding the best ways to handle bankruptcy when it’s the only solution.

Bankruptcy Serving Old City, PhiladelphiaWorking on the consumer level, Chapter 7 bankruptcy lawyers provide assistance to individuals that have become overwhelmed trying to settle multiple debts. In this situation, the borrower is required to forfeit assets that will become liquidated to repay amounts owed. After filing a petition, it is required that debt collectors stop contacting you regarding any of your accounts. There is also the option of Chapter 13 bankruptcy if it is decided that a repayment plan is more suitable according to the evaluation from our attorney. In this situation, it is possible to retain some assets by consolidating and lowering all valid debts to a more suitable amount.

Corporate Bankruptcy Lawyers Serving Old City, Philadelphia

A company facing a significant deficit may file for Chapter 11 for protection as they attempt to recover. The daily operations continue, but business decisions have to be approved by the court rather than internal management. When the situation is too dire to simply reorganize, Chapter 7 protects creditors and investors that receive money after the business closes for asset liquidation. Corporate attorneys explore every alternative and option by evaluating cash flow, sustained debt, and other important financial information.

Loan Modification Lawyers Serving Old City, Philadelphia

The idea of forfeiting your home to foreclosure because you can’t catch up on mortgage payments is scary. Consult one of our lawyers for help deciding if modifying the current loan would make it easier to continue making monthly payments. If you decide to pursue new terms, we’ll stand up to negotiate with the lender on your behalf to guarantee the best rate possible.

Real Estate Lawyers Serving Old City, Philadelphia

If you are renting a space, buying a home, selling property, or leasing an apartment, you need to make sure that you have proper documentation in order. Our real estate lawyers have extensive knowledge in these situations and offer to explain any complicated documentation, or help you draft a binding agreement of your own. We also help with matters of litigation if you run into an issue and need to settle a dispute.

The sooner you contact a member of our legal team, the easier it will be to resolve any troubles you are faced with. Fill out the contact form so that we’re able to set up a meeting to discuss the options fitting your unique circumstances.