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Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Flourtown PA

When bad things happen, the last thing you want to deal with is collection agents who simply won’t listen when you try to explain why you cannot pay your bills. They don’t seem to care that you lost your job or that you have suffered a traumatic illness that has led to massive medical bills. However, there is something you can do to stop those calls, eliminate the stress and start down the road to financial freedom. Call us to start the process and get you back on your feet.

Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Flourtown PA

Chapter 7 bankruptcy is designed for people who do not have many assets and have a limited income. It is also for those with a substantial amount of unsecured debt as most secured debts cannot be eliminated in bankruptcy. There are exemptions under bankruptcy law, property that cannot be seized and liquidated in order to pay creditors, that may include your home, your vehicle and the tools you need for work. These exemptions vary from state-to-state which is why you need to talk to a bankruptcy attorney to determine if Chapter 7 is right for you.

Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys Serving Flourtown PA

If you have a steady income and assets that could be seized as part of the bankruptcy proceedings, you may still be able to file Chapter 13 bankruptcy. This reorganizes your debt, allowing you to pay over a three- to five-year period. Creditors may reduce your interest, waive late fees or lower your principal in an effort to get the debt paid. You may even be able to include past due payments for debts that cannot be discharged in bankruptcy, like student loans, mortgages or vehicle loans. You will need to be able to pay the regular monthly payment on those loans, but it can help you avoid foreclosure or repossession.

Loan Modification Attorneys Serving Flourtown PA

Another way to avoid foreclosure is to seek a loan modification. The lender may be willing to reduce your principal, lower your interest or extend the terms of your loan in order to lower them to a level you can afford. Loan modifications are very complicated so it is recommended you work with an attorney to guide you through the process.

Real Estate Attorneys Serving Flourtown PA

Just as loan modifications can be complicated, all real estate transactions can be as well. Even if it seems like a simple sale, real estate laws are strict regarding what forms must be provided, what the seller must disclose and what the buyer must disclose. Failure to adhere to these regulations could result in court action in the future or difficulty selling your property due to errors in paperwork.

If you are entering into a real estate transaction or you are facing financial difficulty, contact us to learn how we can help. You can complete the simple form or call today to arrange for your initial, no obligation consultation.