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    Our attorneys are dedicated to meeting the individual needs of our clients. We have opened 5 offices in order to meet our clients face-to-face whenever possible, believing that personal interactions facilitate the best possible results. For those who are in need of assistance in bankruptcy, mortgage loan modification, or real estate law, we are ready to meet with you at your convenience.

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    We have an office in Glenside, Pennsylvania that is convenient to clients located throughout the Philadelphia area. Our attorneys are skilled in bankruptcy, loan modification and mortgage law, and real estate law. We represent clients who are in need of our services to deal with financial hardships. In real estate transactions, our attorneys handle everything from analysis of the potential uses of property that might be acquired to structuring the financial package for the acquisition of the property.

    Losing your job, a sudden illness or the death of a spouse can all lead to financial problems. Even if you have some savings, it could take some time before you find another job. An illness could result in significant copays for tests, treatments and medical equipment. The loss of a spouse can mean the loss of half of the household income. This could lead you to fall behind in your bills and you are now facing collection calls, letters demanding payment and even wage garnishment. Instead of dealing with the stress that comes with financial difficulties, our bankruptcy attorneys can start you on the path to financial freedom.

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    Chapter 7 Bankruptcy Attorneys In Montgomery County

    Chapter 7 is also known as a liquidation bankruptcy as any assets you own that are not exempt are liquidated in order to pay your creditors. The good news is that property such as your home, your vehicle, your clothing and the tools you need for your job are considered exempt in most states. In addition, filing for bankruptcy issues what is called an automatic stay. This means that creditors must cease all attempts to collect a debt, including phone calls, letters and wage garnishments. After the bankruptcy is discharged, all unsecured debts are eliminated and you can get a fresh financial start. Keep in mind that Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not eliminate secured debts, such as a mortgage or vehicle loan nor does it eliminate student loan or tax debt.

    Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys In Montgomery County

    Chapter 13 bankruptcy is also known as a reorganization bankruptcy. Under this chapter, your debts are reorganized so that you pay them over a three- to five-year period. If you have a steady income, this type of bankruptcy may be best for you. In addition, if you are behind in your mortgage, vehicle or student loan payments, you may be able to include the amount you are behind in your repayment plan as long as you can make your regular payments until your bankruptcy is discharged. Under Chapter 13, you may not be required to pay all your unsecured debts in full, but may be able to pay a portion of them. Just like Chapter 7, the automatic stay stops the collection calls, letters and wage attachments.

    Loan Modification Attorneys In Montgomery County

    If you are behind in your mortgage, a loan modification may be the answer. In a mortgage modification, the lender changes the terms of your loan so that your payments are lowered. It may mean they reduce your principal or your interest rate. They may also extend the months you must pay, such as changing a 30-year mortgage to a 40-year mortgage. Mortgage modifications are complicated, so it is important to discuss your options with an attorney.

    Real Estate Attorneys In Montgomery County

    Real estate transactions can be very complicated which is why you need a real estate attorney representing you. Too often, people who are buying a home agree to share the attorney that the seller is using, not realizing that the attorney is looking out for the seller’s best interests and not the theirs. Each party to a real estate transaction should have their own attorney representing them to be sure everything goes as smoothly as possible and there are no surprises at settlement.

    If you are facing collection calls or are in the need of real estate advice, contact us today. You can arrange for an initial, no obligation consultation by phone or by filling out our contact form.