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What would you do for $5

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What would you do for $5

Like any normal person,always looking for a good deal and/or a way to make a little extra cash.  Well, I found a website that offers both, yes both, called Fiverr.
This jewel of a website allows anyone to offer just about any service you can imagine for a flat rate of $5!  For the price of a hoagie, you can have a human-resources professional redesign your resume.  This is especially helpful for all you unemployed and/or underemployed.  By the way, I paid $5 to a budding personal trainer to design a personalized 6-week training program to work off that hoagie.  There are more than 50,000 freelancers offering everything from custom love poems to 5 am wake up calls.  There is even a guy (actually multiple people) who offer to sing happy birthday to anyone in a hotdog costume!  And someone actually paid him $5. How do I know this? Because my loving brother actually paid for the guy’s services as my birthday gift. It was the perfect gift for me.  I didn’t mind that this was all my brother gave, because it was just so funny.  (And I still can’t believe that guy got five dollars from my brother  … you know what, I bet he has made a fortune.)
So this had me thinking, what services can I offer? I have a cell phone, I typically stay up late, why not give wake-up calls.  What hobbies do I have? I can show someone how to crotchet or how  to poach the perfect egg.  Or maybe someone will pay me to tell them a joke.  If the hotdog guy can do it, so can I.  In this new era of the “micro entrepreneur”, I’ve decided to join the game and make a little cash off my hobbies.  How about you? Maybe you’re a plumber who can offer tips on how to fix a toilet to someone in California. Maybe you can give a 30 minute software lesson.  Maybe you can give people advice on music.  Maybe you can do the Cabbage Patch to opera. The ideas are limitless. Plus, if you’re good, I bet you can repeat clients and/or develop this into some kind of consulting work.
UPDATE: I told 3 corny jokes and made $5 dollars.  Time: 3 minutes of my life.  Right now, an 8 pound turkey breast is on sale at Target for 89 cents a pound = $7.12.  For $2.12, I have fed myself for the week. I am definitely going to find other ways to make $5, what will you do?